The Mercenaries of Santa

Day One
The start of the adventure

The original six (David, Dan, Rhomni, Alden, Jack, Henry) come to the table without knowing what to expect. They have their characters ready. I have them start the game by narrating themselves, their real-life personas, through a day at MSSM, culminating in the discovery of a magical hole in the ground. They each arrive after doing their own things (Alden, an LCS girl in the forest), and they spartan-kick the girl in. They decide to jump in, and wake up… naked… in a circular room in a large castle in the middle of a tundra. It turns out to be Santa (Nicholas Claus)’s castle, and they decide to help him out, in return for powers and transformations. They each then turn into their characters.

They then go and clear out a rebellion at Santa’s tower to the east. They find the dead body of what looks like one of Santa’s people, but the guy turns out to be alive and well, greeting them at the doorstep.

THE END. (of the day).

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